The Law of Cause and Effect

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The notion of cause and effect in a spiritual context is easily understood. For every action there is an effect of the same tenor as the original action. The effect may be immediate or delayed; obvious or subtle.

Simply put, if you do bad things, then you will attract badness (the Law of Attraction), and bad things will happen to you. If you do good things, then you will attract goodness, and good things will happen to you.

Said another way, kindness brings kindness, love brings love, and hate brings hate. We are affected spiritually by the good or wrong that we do. Perhaps if you reflect upon your life, you may begin to see chains of cause and effect that have already operated.

This law embodies the biblical saying “You reap what you sow.” It is also related to the popular concept of karma which says that we create our own futures (in this life or the next) by our actions and how we treat others. For example, if one refuses to acknowledge or help the poor or disenfranchised, then they likely will find themselves poor and disenfranchised in the next life. If someone tortures and kills people, then they can expect to suffer the same fate in this or a future life.

If we do not stop our wrongdoing and change how we live our lives for the better, then we can expect an ongoing chain of negative effects on us and those around us. However, cause and effect provides the opportunity to break free from past bad behaviors and attitudes, and change our future.

Even as our karma plays out, we can decide what direction our life will take. Will we choose a fulfilling and happy life of goodness, love, and compassion, or a life of bitterness, jealousy, selfishness, greed, and hate devoid of any redeeming factors? Will we surrender to the darkness we have brought upon ourselves, or will we refuse to give up and instead emerge from the muck and blaze a new path toward spiritual awareness?

The operation of these laws is automatic and assures accountability and justice concerning all of our thoughts and actions. I hope that you can appreciate what a simple and perfect plan this is. We get exactly what we deserve in terms of punishment or reward. It is the ultimate learning tool.

Author’s Note

The natural or spiritual laws we are discussing can be found in various books in the Silver Birch series (e.g., The Teachings of Silver Birch).

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