The Author

The Author

Does spirituality require a religious framework? How does one express their spirituality outside of religious practice and in their everyday life? What are the characteristics of a truly spiritual person? These are basic questions held by both religious and nonreligious persons. Articles found on this blog seek to address these topics and more.

It is my hope that this website will provide a safe refuge for thought, reflection, inspiration, and discussion for people with very diverse views of religion and spirituality. I do not subscribe to any particular religion; rather, l seek gems of spiritual guidance from inspiration, and all of the major world religions.

In young adulthood I left the church to strike a path free of religious doctrine and ritual choosing instead to seek what I believed to be a more free and pure spirituality unfettered by the restrictions and synoptic vision of the church.

What is discussed here is presented with the hope that anyone reading the articles will benefit in some way. The intent is to provide discussion and ideas for reflection in simple language that is easily understood and, when appropriate to the topic, actionable.

If you are new to this blog, then I invite you to peruse the array of short articles in the archives. The collection represents a very personal exploration of my own spirituality and how it relates to the world as a whole. I hope that you will choose to join us in our quest for deeper understanding of the meaning of life, and an expansion of spiritual awareness and share your thoughts along the way.


Below I have provided links to a few examples of the most widely read articles in the archives. Simply click on the titles below to read them.

Harmony Between Spirit, Mind, and Body

The Quintessence of Life

The Spiritual Experience of Knowing


4 comments on “About

  1. Mark says:

    It’s a shame you don’t live in the UK, it would be great to meet up. I think you should write more books – I would definitely buy them. It’s only books from Lorraine, Gordon Smith and you that have touched something at the very heart of me….

  2. chloeskye12 says:

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Chlohemian. Very interesting theme for your blog. I’m looking forward to exploring it 🙂

    • Thanks Chloe. I will be looking at your stuff too. Loved the blog about the vegan lecture. I’m an ovolacto vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables – funny I know but true. It’s the best I can do given that I’m very physically active. It’s the only way I could get enough protein.

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