Author’s Message

In the early years of this blog site, I wrote articles about my developing views on spirituality and what it means to be a spiritual person. But as time went on, the character and style of the writing gradually morphed into the brief messages/teachings seen in the more recent entries. You will easily see the difference in writing style by comparing my blogs on spirituality published in the early years versus more recent entries.

Furthermore, when I’m writing an article, the words don’t come so easily and I have to do a lot of editing and rewriting. In contrast, when the process is inspired writing (for lack of a better descriptive term) the words flow without any concentration of thought.

This led me to believe that many of the articles and teachings found in this blog may not be my own; rather, they may be teachings and revelations from the great beyond. 

This belief completely changed my perspective, not only on the purpose of the blog site, but also a change in my role in the writing process from author to coauthor and transcriber. I see my purpose as putting the teachings into writing, and distributing them through my blog site and books. 

I record the inspirations as received and sometimes tweak the verbiage just a little, but only if needed for greater clarity. I never supplement them with my own ideas or perspective and you will see why…their simplicity, eloquence, and emotive impact cannot be improved upon. 

It is my hope that the spiritual messages found in this blog site will be shared and distributed as widely as possible. I pray that the spiritual truths published on this blog site will be found by all of those who are ready to hear them.

Silver Birch has said many times that if we can help but one person rise up out of darkness, defeat, or uncertainty; or help one person who is lost and searching for meaning, then our life has been worth living.