Affirmations for Enhancing Spirituality

Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Back  Copyright 2012 by Blair Atherton

Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Back Copyright 2012 by Blair Atherton

How can we enhance our spiritual way of living? There are a number of ways, but I would like to discuss something called affirmations. These can be very effective in changing things that you do not like about yourself and also to enhance behaviors that contribute to your fulfillment as a spiritual person.

I was first introduced to this practice by a book titled Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. Her focus was mainly on enhancing one’s material life. For my own part, I have used affirmations primarily for changes in behavior, and enhancement of a spiritual way of living.

The idea is that you send out requests into the universe (or to the subconscious mind or to the higher self depending how you wish to view it). Once the request has been floated, the universe goes to work to make it happen. It is important that you do not have any preconceived notions about how the request should or will be fulfilled. Further, affirmations must be positive statements about a new state desired, not statements about what you do not want to be.

An affirmation is the assertion that something (already) exists or is true. The idea is that if you repeat something over and over with conviction and total confidence that it already exists, then it eventually will come to be.

However, the change will not happen immediately; it takes time for transformation to occur. You must be patient and consistent in making your affirmations. A good practice is to identify a time to do your affirmations at least once a day. For example, I often do them when I take a walk and/or during my daily Tai Chi practice. But you should do them whenever you think of it throughout the day. You can work on them one at a time, or several together, but not more than two or three in a given session. Too many at a time weakens the power of each individual request.

Affirmations can also be done as a sort of meditation where you focus intently on what you are saying in the affirmation and repeat it over and over. They can be said silently or out loud. I like to, at least now and then, say them out loud as I believe this adds a little more impetus to them.

Below are a few examples of affirmations I use, but you are encouraged to compose your own to focus on the changes you want for yourself. They should be brief declarative statements that are easy to remember.

I have perfect faith (in God).

I have perfect harmony between spirit, mind, and body.

I am selfless, generous, and humble.

I have love and compassion for all people and all things.

I am loving, kind, and forgiving to all persons at all times, and in all situations and circumstances.

My personal experience has shown that this process is very effective. I encourage you to give it a try.

The Night is Too Long

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Super Moon

Copyright 2013 by Blair Atherton

What goes through the mind of someone who is dying slowly over weeks, months, or years of a disease like cancer? We try to imagine what they think about, but we can’t really. We try to find things to talk about to take their mind off of the pain, sorrow, and anxiety, but we can’t be sure they are listening.

What goes through a person’s mind when they know they will not get better, only weaker. What goes through someone’s mind when they realize that their independence is gone and they can never go home again? What goes through a person’s mind when they know they must leave their loved ones behind not knowing if they will ever see them again?

We do our best to make them comfortable, bring them foods they like, and celebrate their lives through old family photos. They may cry in response to old familiar songs that elicit a host of fond memories of the past. We try to tell them that they should be happy and thankful for these things remembered. Still they grieve for days gone by that cannot be relived. They lament the empty days ahead in a life fading away slowly and methodically.

We see their jaw and lips quiver as they reach for a bite of food. Their hands shake as they reach for their glass. We struggle to conceal our sorrow in seeing someone who was so strong and steady, now so tentative and frail. We try to be strong but sometimes after we’ve gone home, the night is too long and we break down. But that doesn’t matter because the night is always too long for them.

We want very much to somehow ease their transition, but we don’t know how. So we go back to be with them the next day and the next in the hope that our presence will somehow make them feel better and less anxious. All we can really do is let them know how much we love them.

What is going through their minds? We try to imagine, but we can’t. The night is too long.

Harmony Between Spirit, Mind, and Body

South Rose Window, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. Copyright 2000 by Blair Atherton

South Rose Window, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. Copyright 2000 by Blair Atherton

It seems to me that one of the goals as a spiritual person is to achieve harmony between the spirit, mind, and body. Here, I would define harmony as congruity between these three aspects of being. All three are integral parts of our existence, and as such interact with, and influence one another.

I think congruity is a key word here. In order for there to be harmony, the mind must be aware of the spirit and understand the nature, meaning, and purpose of a spiritual life. The mind must also be committed to a life of goodness and virtue. The body finds congruity by cultivating good health to fully support expression of the mind and spirit through outward action.

The state of the mind determines the extent to which the spirit is able to express itself. If the mind is at peace, open, and seeks spiritual awareness, it will come. When this happens, the mind is compelled to seek outlets for expression of the spirit-self. There is a transformation in one’s motives, intent, and desire.

When harmony is achieved, love and compassion for all things dominates the person’s world view. One’s thoughts are outwardly directed toward the needs of others. There is a strong desire to serve God and humanity, and material things become relatively unimportant. Expression of the spirit energizes mind and body bringing feelings of happiness and well being.

Prayer for Harmony

Dear God,

I strive to make myself whole, and by doing so come closer to you.
I wish to find the sacred harmony between spirit, mind, and body.
My only desire is to serve and honor you by expression of my spirit
through acts of love and compassion.

I pray that my spirit may one day become attuned with, and radiate your divine love for all things.