The author, Blair Atherton

There are a great many spiritual blogs available to readers these days. Most appear to appeal to readers of particular religions. This blog is nondenominational and, with few exceptions, discusses spirituality in a general, straightforward, applied, and experiential manner.

The writing you will find here is basically a spiritual diary of my personal spiritual experiences, revelations, and inspirations. Often I am surprised and humbled by what is written here, not so much because of the quality of the writing or the clever use of words, but rather by the messages conveyed through me, not by me.

You are invited to peruse the archives where you are sure to find topics of interest.



Note: Publication of entries here do not follow a regular schedule. Articles will appear on this blog only when inspiration calls. Frequency of publication varies widely, generally no more than once in a month. Therefore, I encourage you to follow this blog by email. I will not be filling up your inbox with articles to read.