I realize in this day and age that religion can be a contentious topic. However, this blog site is not a discussion of religion, neither does it seek to make a case for abandoning religion. Rather, the messages are universal and the teachings focused on how we can live a truly spiritual life with or without religion.

There are a great many spiritual blogs available to readers these days. Most appear to appeal to readers of particular religions. This blog is nondenominational and, with few exceptions, discusses spirituality in a general, straightforward, applied, and experiential manner.

I invite you to join me as we explore what it means to be a spiritual person. You are sure to find topics of interest in the extensive archives of more than 100 entries.


Note: Publication of entries here do not follow a regular schedule. Articles will appear on this blog only when inspiration calls. Frequency of publication varies widely, generally no more than once in a month. Therefore, I encourage you to follow this blog by email. I will not be filling up your inbox with articles to read.