Spirituality as a State of Being

I get the impression that much of the general public does not understand what it means to be spiritual, despite the fact that all things spiritual seem to be in vogue right now. This appears to be the case with a surprising number of people regardless of whether or not they are members of a particular religion.

Those who have drifted away from organized religion often say that they are “spiritual” when asked about their religious affiliation. This is a convenient way to defuse the question and avoid further discussion. However, should they be pressed to explain what they mean, they usually respond with something about being in touch with nature or something similar.

Spirituality does not reside in flowery talk of love, light, or communion with angels and spirit guides. In fact, spirituality is a very serious and deep subject that needs to be understood because it is an integral, critical part of our existence. Not everyone expresses their spirituality and, as a consequence, are unable to live a truly happy and fulfilled life.

I believe that spirituality is a state of being and a way of living. It is an expression of the spirit-self in everyday life. It is the certainty of the presence of our Creator in ourselves and all of creation. It is a recognition of our divine self as a part of our Creator. It is the realization that we are an integral part of God, not a disassociated remnant or emanation from Him. This knowledge brings with it great responsibility.

The fact that we can exist in physical and spirit form at the same time may seem a contradiction. What is not understood by many is that our true existence is one of spirit. The body is like a garment the spirit wears for a short time that will be shed when it is no longer needed. It is a means by which we materialize in the physical world to engage in learning and attend to our life lessons.

But in putting on the garment, many things are hidden from us. We may lose sight of the spirit beneath the clothing. We may lose touch with our divinity hidden behind the shroud of our physicality. Looking in from the outside, we strain to see the bits of light that penetrate the fabric. Oftentimes, all we can see is waves of subdued light and shadows of what is on the other side. Our spirituality lies there beconing us like a distant memory we struggle to recall.

Spirituality is a state of being, knowing, and living. It is expressed and characterized through our actions, not our words. It is an expansion of consciousness that sees beyond the body and the self. It is an awareness that all things are a part of God and deserving of our love and respect.

If we are an integral part of God, then we have the qualities and potential of God for infinite love. This means we are imbued with the qualities of love and compassion for all living things. These are at the core of our divine nature, and spirituality cannot exist without their expression.

Thus, to understand and express our spirituality, we must find a way to express our divine nature in our everyday lives through our actions and how we live our lives.

10 comments on “Spirituality as a State of Being

  1. Rob Taylor says:

    Spirituality is work….a process of moment to moment effort, the inner examination. The primary aspect of this inner work is in the form of “pulling” the Creating Force into an unmediated dialog. More precisely, the Human Being becomes directly influenced by the power of the Creating Force through an expression of a desire for that influence. This is what is meant by actualized potential. The degrees of actualization are directly proportional to the invested effort (energy). Again, this is a process of energy, force, and movement as is always the situation regarding Human to Human, Human to Nature, and Human to Creating Force interactions. The Human Species always has the first move.


  2. You are so right Blair. Spirituality is a word most people don’t understand and most of them use it for things that are nothing to do with being spiritual. So many are lost in a world of false spirituality, but luckily, there is an awakening happening now and more people are coming forth to help show the differences.


  3. Alma says:

    I agree with everything that each of you has added to this discussion!! This is wonderful!

    I am reminded of a quote by David R. Hawkins, “Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”


  4. Alma, thank you for that. I would go further and say that Love is our prime directive and the essence of our divine nature.


    • Alma says:

      Amen! I conceive of Love as “the energy that encompasses ALL things.” Love is energy. Energy is all. Therefore Love is All. The Source… the Universal Life Force… all is Love. Thank you all for allowing meto join these discussions. I love learning, & this is a wonderful outlet.


  5. To me Spirituality is a lot like gravity! You can’t see it, can’t touch it, can’t hear it and you can’t even feel it except under certain conditions. But it is everywhere! Under certain conditions it can be used to your advantage and for the good of others. Without gravity nothing would exist except small inert particles. Without Spirituality, existence is inert and without purpose. It is Spirituality that has created life worth living, it’s the force that bonds families, communities and Nations together. Most of us would be miserable if we were left to live a life of solitude. Just like gravity, Spirituality is that invisible connection we all have that pulls us together. Unfortunately, our daily human experiences can suppress and in some cases stamp out the Spiritual side and when that happens we get varying degrees of chaos. If we can keep in touch with our Spiritual side, it provides stability, inner peace and outward kindness. Cheers to all.


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