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The author, Blair Atherton

Let’s begin with my photo. I really like this picture of me taken by my eldest granddaughter when I was in my mid-sixties. I’m a bit older now, and not surprisingly, a bit more wrinkled. Please forgive me for indulging myself by keeping this photo on my blog site. It’s a reminder of what once was, for which I am grateful.

So who is this (once) dashing young man? I’m a retired scientist, university professor, and administrator with a love of nature and a wide range of interests in the arts, and outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, and SCUBA diving. 

I’m a bit of an introvert who is clumsy in certain social settings, although I like to be around people.

While in college I led a rock band called Thisisit with a penchant for the Beatles. I wrote a lot of songs during that period of my life and professionally recorded a few with the band. My music taste spans many genres, from classical (I love the violin) to hard rock.

I served four years in the military as an officer in the Army Medical Service Corps which included a tour in Vietnam. I have seen the ravages of war first hand and the pain and suffering it causes.

I have two children and four grandchildren. I’m now retired and living in Florida.

After my wife died unexpectedly more than a decade ago, I pursued a renewed interest in what it means to be a spiritual person. My blog and books seek to illuminate that question and elucidate some answers.