A Timeless Story

Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli Leonard Whiting & Olivia Hussey Paramount Pictures 1968

Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli
Leonard Whiting & Olivia Hussey
Paramount Pictures 1968

#weekendcoffeeshare 3/9/16

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how much I love the theme song from Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. The beauty of the melody and the story it represents brings back many joyful memories of my own love story.

Whenever I hear it, I stop whatever I am doing and just let the melody wash through me. The song reminds me of the power and passion of young love, but not just any love—that one true love that endures through eternity. Feelings of boundless love and compassion well up inside me and I feel like I’m going to burst. Then sometimes tears come as I think of the anguish the two lovers felt in having suddenly lost a piece of themselves that cannot be replaced—a feeling I know only too well.

The theme can be found here.

[Sorry about the ad that precedes it and messes up the transition from blog to music.]

Note to readers:

The Weekend Coffee Share is a WordPress community activity in which I may choose to participate from time to time. As indicated in the activity title, entries will appear on the weekend. In accord with my first contribution, the topics will diverge from this blog’s usual subject matter and likely be of a more personal nature.

6 comments on “A Timeless Story

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Music does have the power to release powerful emotions.


  2. creatingmyspaceblog says:

    Thank you for sharing the song, it is lovely.


  3. Love that melody too! Thanks for sharing! #weekendcoffeeshare


  4. Delynn Royer says:

    I haven’t listened to that theme in such a long a time. I forgot how beautiful it is and how perfect for the story of Romeo and Juliet.


    • Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet is possibly my favorite movie. It always moves me. The two young actors for the leads did an impeccable job in portraying the passion of young love and Franco brought the love story alive like no one else has.


  5. roweeee says:

    I also long that theme song and used to play it on the piano and now play it on my violin. Indeed, thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to pick it up again xx Rowena


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