Let Us Not Forget the Little Children

Copyright 2012 by Blair Atherton

Copyright 2012 by Blair Atherton

Children today are raised in a society that values wealth, prestige, personal appearance, and professional accomplishments. Therefore, these are the things for which our children strive. Too often these materialistic aspirations are not sufficiently complemented with spiritual values.

This is a challenge for those families that do not participate in organized religion. It takes an enormous effort and resolve on the parent’s part to introduce children to a higher being and spiritual concepts on their own at home. Consequently, spiritual matters are sometimes overlooked entirely in a child’s upbringing.

If this happens, it is regrettable because it can cast the child adrift in the sea of materialism without a compass. They may soon be lost to the dark forces that lay in waiting. They can’t help but think that the material world is all that there is. Perhaps this has contributed to some extent to the state of society today.

Maybe it is a matter of breaking things down to their most basic level. What are the central attributes of spirituality that provide us with a code by which to live? What are the guiding principles we can use to shape our behavior and become spiritual citizens of the world community?

Most important for nurturing spirituality in our children is the role model we provide. Children learn a great deal by example. The pre-teen years are perhaps the most critical for instilling the concept of a Creator and spiritual principles and values in children. We must be constantly aware of our own behavior around children and how we demonstrate spiritual values and their application in our everyday lives.

Let us not forget the little children for they will shape the society of tomorrow. Let us not forget the little children for they can help us to become better human beings.

Author’s note

I would very much like to hear from readers about how they have instilled spirituality in their young children outside of religious practice.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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