A Spiritual Lifestyle

Behind This Door... Copyright 2008 by Blair Atherton

Behind This Door…
Copyright 2008 by Blair Atherton

This blog has discussed what it means to be a spiritual person from a variety of perspectives. From what has been covered so far, we can begin to see the attributes of a spiritual lifestyle.

How many of us have the fortitude, commitment, and determination to actually live a spiritual life? It would seem that much of the world is headed in the opposite direction. There is immense pressure for us to conform to the materialistic, self serving, and ego driven ways of the majority. Truly spiritual people are oftentimes unseen, sometimes down trodden, and seemingly left behind in today’s fast-paced, narcissistic society.

However, in reality, it is the materialists who are being left behind. Society fosters the attitude of “live for today” without regard for the consequences of our actions for tomorrow, for the karma of this, or our next lifetime, and especially for one’s spiritual development and progression.

We are all caught up in this windstorm of materialism to varying degrees. It is all around us, and it has shaped the values of a declining society. It seems a great many people do not know any other way to live.

The disillusionment and distrust with organized religion has certainly not helped. It has resulted in not only a self imposed excommunication from religion, but also from many of the moral and scared values embedded in religious teachings. I hope that those who have left their religion have not also abandoned a belief in God.

A major theme in my writing and in my beliefs is that the most important thing whether you participate in organized religion or not is to live a life of goodness, moderation, compassion, humility, and charity. What matters most is how we treat other people. To a great extent this is what defines us as individuals and as a society.

“What would you have me do I ask [of God]?
The answer came swiftly and powerfully in a single word
That echoed and resonated in the essence of my being—LOVE!”

(This quote is an excerpt from my blog on 6/8/13 titled To What Doth My Heart Hearken?)

2 comments on “A Spiritual Lifestyle

  1. Rob Taylor says:

    In relation to spiritual effort, one must first understand the forms of influence. Meaning, in each moment, how an individual is being influenced and how she or he is influencing others. The forms of influence are choices we make, whether or not we are aware of the choice. The moment to moment self-examinations develop the awareness. Spirituality is a moment to moment engagement. It’s not part-time.


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