The Meaning of Life and Other Age-Old Questions

There are a number of very basic questions concerning our existence that almost everyone asks at some point in their life. Things like why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What is the meaning of life? What is God’s plan? These are questions that mull over deep inside everyone of us even if they are never uttered, allowed to come to full consciousness, or faced with conviction to find the answers. Such questions are fundamental to the human condition.

Many seek answers, but fail to find them. Others do not know where to look. Still others do not recognize the answers when they find them because they seem too simple. There are also those who do not believe the answers when they find them because they do not trust the source.

The general life plan for all of us is a surprisingly simple one. It is governed by a set of very simple and basic laws. Like many readers, I sought answers in the scriptures of various religions. The answers are there, but often hard to clearly identify and organize into an easy to follow road map, because it is sometimes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

There is a wonderful book that I would like to recommend to you that I believe may, at least for some of you, answer several of the questions above and a wide variety of questions relating to spirituality, the afterlife, and more. It is titled The Teachings of Silver Birch. Knowing the diversity of my readership, there will likely be a wide spectrum of views about the source of the teachings, as well as the their content.

The book is not based on religion, only on a belief in a higher being. Silver Birch speaks to us from the world of spirit and answers a wide variety of questions concerning spirituality in very simple and understandable terms.

Whether you believe in spirits and mediums or not, when you read this book, you likely will intuitively know that it speaks the truth. If you should be skeptical about the source of the knowledge that this book offers, I urge you to read the book anyway. It provides much food for thought.

You may come away amazed at how simple and clear God’s plan really is. Moreover, having read this book, if you go back to the scriptures, you will see many of the same teachings, but not so clearly stated.

If you find the book to be useful, then please share it and/or this article with others. After you have read the book, I would  very much like to hear your thoughts on its message, or how it impacted you.

The book can be purchased here. The description provided on the web site is lacking to say the least. Please rely on what I have told about the book to make your purchase decision.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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