On the Pursuit of Happiness

Pure Happiness Source: HD wallpapers.cat

Pure Happiness
Source: HD wallpapers.cat

The pursuit of happiness leads far too many people down countless blind alleys and confusing twists and turns. Just when we think we have found the key, it vanishes leaving us once again feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Placing a high value on material things and living a material lifestyle naturally leads one to seek happiness from material things. A common misconception is that if I had a new car, or could buy a house, or had more money, or could find the love of my life, or get my dream job, etc. then I would finally be happy.

But each of us has proven this approach and vision of happiness to be false. For many of us, it is easier to identify worldly things and circumstances that might make us happy, rather than doing the soul-searching needed to understand how personal happiness can be nurtured.

None of these worldly things bring genuine, lasting happiness. One reason for this is that such things are transitory, and subject to changes in circumstances that are out of our control. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness. It cannot be given to us by some thing or someone else.

That said, then how does one find true happiness? What exactly does it mean to be truly happy? I believe that true happiness can only be found within ourselves and exists independent of the world around us. Happiness is a reflection of the state of our spirit-selves. Those who have achieved harmony between spirit, mind, and body have found the key to happiness.

I believe that happiness is a natural result of spiritual fulfillment. Nothing brings a greater sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose than expression of our spirit through love and compassion, and helping others. Reflecting on this, we all know it is true. Loving and helping others brings jubilation like nothing else can. Therefore, we all know that this is the key to deep and meaningful happiness.

The challenge we all face is keeping the spiritual perspective of happiness always foremost in our minds. We must constantly strive to reorder our lives, values, and priorities to pursue spiritual fulfillment and progression, rather than worldly pleasures, satisfaction, and status.

Deep inside we all know the right path for the pursuit of happiness. How many of us can muster the conviction and determination needed to take and stay on that path?

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