It’s Not All About Me

In my quest to become a more spiritual person I sometimes forget that it’s not all about me. It is so easy to get caught up in focusing on my internal spiritual communion when in fact I should be focusing on everything all around me. A life of goodness must be all encompassing.

I must remind myself that while spirituality is found in part through internal reflection, it goes beyond self. It is not just a personal evolution. It is also making a connection with all of creation. It is about truly caring for (all) others, all living things, the planet, and so forth. With that care comes a sense of responsibility for the welfare of all these things.

I realize that I will not be fully developed spiritually until I  can consistently do that. By directing my awareness on people and things outside of myself, I draw forth the divinity inside me that I want so much to express and experience.

As more and more of us direct our awareness and caring outside ourselves, we join together in a spiritual evolution of the human race. I believe this is our true calling. This is our common path to the highest realms of spiritual existence.