The Quintessence of Life

Radiations of Divine Love Copyright 2014 by Blair Atherton

Radiations of Divine Love
Copyright 2014 by Blair Atherton

What is the quintessence of life—that magical elixir from which all life arose and which fills it with jubilation? What is the highest, most noble element that is pervasive throughout the heavenly realms?

I believe that love is the fundamental component of all planes of existence. Love is an uncreated spiritual quality that is a healing, nurturing, fulfilling, and guiding force. It is the primordial element from which we arose and to which we shall return.

Divine love comes from without (from God and the holy spirits that serve Him) and it comes from within (from the divinity of our spirit-selves). It is all encompassing and encompassed by all.

Love is the greatest of all commandments. The purpose of our journeys through the millennia is, in large part, to come to understand that we are capable of unconditional love for all things, and once realized, to radiate that love through expression of our spirit-selves.

After many lifetimes our spirit will emerge to full expression and our love for all things truly will have no bounds or conditions. When that happens, our earth journeys may well end returning our spirit to its most basic existence—one that simply radiates divine love forever and ever.

Love transcends matter, space, and time. It is foremost among the spiritual mysteries, and a treasured gift from God that is meant to be shared with all.

From a recent posting, “On the Nature of God”

[…and God said,] “I am Love which is testimony to my existence!”

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A Beautiful Light Pierces the Darkness

Malala Yousafzai Photo from

Malala Yousafzai
Photo from

Now and then through history we have seen some remarkable and extraordinary individuals come forward to defend peace, harmony, and equality. Their light shines brightly and brings forth in us happiness and emotions that we often cannot explain and that may surprise and confound us.

One such beautiful light is Malala Yousafzai. She is the Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban when she was only 14 years old because she spoke out about how Muslim women were being treated, and how girls were not allowed to go to school. The world was outraged and prayed for her survival and recovery. She not only recovered, but she recently won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17. She shares the prize with Kailash Satyarthi of India who is also working for children’s rights.

Malala’s strength, courage, and conviction are an inspiration to us all. But why does she elicit such love and emotion in us? Perhaps she provides a glimpse into what a better world would look like—a world for which we all yearn and for which some dare to dream. One free of war and conflict, and the pain and suffering they bring. A world where peace, harmony, security, equality, and freedom are enjoyed by all of humanity.

Malala inspires us to not only dream of such a world, but to do whatever we can—no matter how small or seemingly insignificant—to move us toward it. The love the world has shown for Malala demonstrates that divine love is an integral part of our being and that it has great power to heal and unify us against evil and darkness. Malala’s light shines brightly and in doing so has not only enlightened us, but shows us that our own light can shine and have effect also.

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Can Love Save the World?

World of Love. Artist Tales Eloy from

World of Love. Artist Tales Eloy from

It seems everyone is obsessed with looking for love these days, whether it be a physical hookup or the search for a soul mate. Either way the focus is on one’s self. Most of us have this backwards. We should be giving love to those all around us. This will, in turn, attract love to us.

Restricting our love to spouse, family, and friends is not sufficient for spiritual progression and does not fulfill our divine capacity and responsibility to love broadly. Radiating our divine love to all we encounter is the ultimate expression of our spirit and spirituality.

We have all heard the cliché “only love can save the world.” This is one of those truths that sadly will remain a cliché until we begin to take it seriously and apply it globally in our everyday lives. If you want to change the world your love has to flow out away from yourself to everyone around you including total strangers.

I acknowledge that this is not always easy, especially when someone is being unmanageable. But we need to try to not react, and simply radiate love and kindness. Sometimes this will disarm the one acting up; sometimes it will not. Nevertheless, we need to make the effort, because the intent behind actions is what they will be measured against in the spiritual realms. If your genuine intent was to give love freely and it was rejected, you still benefit spiritually from your efforts. You will acquire spiritual capital that will help you going forward.

You may wonder how can loving globally change the world? It can do so over time by setting an example that inspires others to follow. When they see the effect your loving ways have on them and others, they will want to give the same happiness to people they encounter and feel the joy and fulfillment that they see in you.

Feeling love and compassion for others, although noble, serves no one if it is not expressed through action. When we become aware of people or animals who need help in our neighborhood, on TV, or otherwise, we need to do something. Make a phone call, knock on a door, lend a helping hand, say a prayer, donate money or time—something.

As we move through our day, we need to make an effort to see beyond ourselves, and our own selfish needs and desires. We need to be nice to people and show kindness to others, even if they are being a bit difficult.

All of us should take the time to give serious thought to what the world would be like if the majority focused on helping others, rather than pursuing their own fame, fortune, and love life. After thinking about this, you may conclude that love can indeed save the world. Let’s get to work!

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